Monday, March 16, 2015

Downloading Illegal Content

     Illegally downloading content has become an enormous problem over the years. What people really don't know is that there are very serious punishments. According to "Save the Music America," if you distribute at least 10 copyrighted works with a value exceeding $2,500, you can go to jail for three years, and face up to $250,000 as a convicted felon. Felons are not allowed to vote and are considered serious criminals.
     Also, illegally downloading anything can hurt their industries. For example, if you made a song, would you like people to hear your music without paying for it? Probably not.  The RIAA is reportedly working on limiting the amount of illegal content downloaded. While some people might think this is not working, less and less amounts of people are downloading. In addition, you can be charged up to $750 for each song you illegally download. You can buy an extreme amount of things with that money!
     Conclusively, police are always trying to find people who are downloading this. Providers such as SoundCloud and Spotify are also places considered illegal to download music from. So, next time you think about listening to music, make sure to purchase it in a fair and legal way.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Texting While Driving

     Texting while driving is a very bad choice to make. However, many people in the world are still doing this! There can be many consequences to texting while driving. It can lead to many fatal situations that you can avoid by just putting your phone down.
     To begin with, this can lead to fatal injuries or even death! 660,000 people text and drive in America. This means that all these people are at risk of dying. 
     Another reason many people and teens text and drive is because they are unaware of what could be the result. We need to inform all these people so we can limit the accidents and dangers on the road. In addition, peer pressure might also play a part. If your friend is telling you to keep texting them or you just simply don't want to stop texting, you might continue texting while you're in the car and put many other people at risk including yourself.  
     Conclusively, if anyone such as a policeman catches you texting while driving you could be in big trouble. You could be fined or even arrested for just sending a text! Do you really think it is worth it to send a short text and risk your life? If you're driving, put your phone down and concentrate on the road.